The Whigs’ Parker Gispert Releasing Debut Solo Album

The Whigs’ Parker Gispert Releasing Debut Solo Album

Parker Gispert of the Athens-born band The Whigs is set to release his debut solo album Sunlight Tonight on November 16th via New West Records’ Athens-based imprint Normaltown Records.

While they still perform occasionally, The Whigs have significantly cut back on activity over the past two years. Meanwhile, Gispert, who started The Whigs in 2002 while still in college, has kept writing new material. “I had been in that band since I was a teenager. So when that slowed, I found myself in a place where I was almost paralyzed, like, What do I do next? … It occurred to me that if I wanted to record and tour that I was going to need to do it solo,” he says. “I’d always thought about it in the back of my mind as something that I wanted to do one day, but ‘one day’ had never really come.”

The eight-song collection features contributions from Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, Adele bassist Samuel Dixon and former Sparklehorse vocalist Sol Sleppy, among other musicians. “I’d always been afraid of doing something solo because I thought it might mess up the band vibe, but now I’m able to see that it actually helps,” Gispert says. “When [The Whigs] do get back together to play, it’s fun and it’s fresh and it has a new life.”

Gispert has been touring heavily over the past couple of years, and that shows little signs of slowing down. Upcoming Georgia stops include Nov. 15 at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta and Nov. 17 at the Nowhere Bar in Athens.

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