Silento: Everybody’s Watching Him

Silentó, aka Ricky Hawk, attends Redan High School in Stone Mountain, but his summer has probably been busier than most of his classmates, given that his video for “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” has inspired an all-out dance craze and popular culture phenomenon.

The young rapper told, “I made the song in school. It was catchy and I repeated it every day for my peers. Then I put it in my brain and said, ‘I need to make this a song.’ So I took it to Bolo Da Producer. I told him all my concepts. He made me a beat, and within 35 -40 minutes, it was done.” Now, with more than 68 million views for his video, a #3 single on Billboard’s Hot 100, almost a million tracks sold, 150 million on-demand streams and a deal with Capitol Records…Silentó’s prepared to enter 12th grade.


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