Run The Jewels Introducing New Craft Beer Styles This Year

Run The Jewels Introducing New Craft Beer Styles This Year

This month Atlanta/New York hip-hop act Run the Jewels are releasing their second craft beer – Panther Like a Panther Stout – in collaboration with craft breweries Interboro (New York City), Pipeworks (Chicago) and J. Wakefield (Miami). The Panther Stout follows last year’s Stay Gold IPA, which was voted one of America’s Top 25 Beers of 2017, and the #1 IPA, by Draft Magazine.

Unlike last time, where the multiple brewers involved used the same recipe, Panther Like a Panther Stout will have three completely different recipes, each crafted by RTJ’s brewery partners, with Interboro producing a traditional Stout, Pipeworks brewing a Porter blended with Bourbon barrel-aged beer, and J. Wakefield a coffee-infused Stout with beans courtesy of Miami’s Panther Coffee. (This latter brew will be released in April instead of February.)

Panther Stout will be the first of several new brews the group will be releasing over the course of the year, with the Legend Has It Pilsner slated for April, and the Down Double IPA for October. RTJ will also be partnering with Berlin’s BRLO craft brewery to create a Legend Has It Pilsner for distribution across Europe. The names all come from song titles on the group’s RTJ3 album.

In related news, over the past several weeks RTJ’s Killer Mike has been working in Atlanta and Athens on a pilot for a proposed TV series for Netflix, in which he assembles a musical act of aspiring unknowns from diverse backgrounds, shaping them into a professional writing and performing unit despite their differences. The Stage is the working title, though that may change if Netflix picks up the show.

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