Lil Yachty’s Debut Album, Teenage Emotions, Coming Out May 26th

Lil Yachty’s Debut Album, Teenage Emotions, Coming Out May 26th

Lil Yachty has announced a May 26th release date for his debut album, titled Teenage Emotions. It’s being released on Quality Control Records, through Motown/Capitol.

Though not overloaded with guests, the 21 tracks do have their share of featured artists, and it’s an international crew including fellow Atlantans Migos (who also collaborate with Katy Perry on her brand new single “Bon Appetit”), El Paso’s Evander Grim, L.A’s Diplo, Compton’s YG, Oakland’s Kamaiyah, Aussie sensation Grace and London’s Stefflon Don. Atlanta knob-twisters Southside, K Swisha, 30 Roc and Digital Nas are among the album’s producers.

As for the album’s cover, which shows a smiling Yachty in the middle of a movie theater surrounded by a diverse array of young people, he elaborated on Instagram Live: “In high school as a teenager growing up, you’re surrounded by so many different types of people. You’re going through your growth spurt as a teenager and you meet so many different people. There are so many types of people in the world who practice different religions or do whatever they want to do. It’s basically like… don’t be afraid to do you, to be you. If you have vitiligo or if you’re gay or whatever it is, embrace yourself. Love yourself. Be happy, positive.”

Yachty is also featured prominently, along with Grace, on DJ Cassidy’s recent single “Honor.”

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