Nov. 3-5 • Murrayville

HemlockFest stage (Photo by Cat Edge)

The 13th annual HemlockFest features a weekend of music, camping, and family-friendly activities at the 50-acre Starbridge Retreat, a private resort in the foothills of the Appalachians just outside Dahlonega. Hosted by the non-profit Lumpkin Coalition, the festival benefits programs to save the Eastern and Carolina hemlock trees. Tickets range from $20 to a $55 weekend pass that includes camping.

In 2017, HemlockFest remembers the late Col. Bruce Hampton, whose music and spirit graced the festival stage for the past 11 years. He will be missed among the weekend musical lineup including:

The late, great Col. Bruce Hampton at HemlockFest (Photo by Cat Edge)

2:00 Jess Goggans Band
3:00 Hughes Tayler
4:00 Jesse Mariah Williams
5:00 Bill Sheffield
6:15 BJ Wilbanks
7:30 Col Bruce Tribute Ceremony
7:45 Fire Dancers
8:25 The Madrid Express, Jeff Mosier & friends
10:15 AJ Ghent Band

Singer/songwriter Jason Kenney performs at HemlockFest. Photo by Cat Edge

10:00 Echoes of Imagination (Curtis Jones)
11:00 Gopher Broke
12:00 Spencer Durham Band
1:00 The PussyWillows
2:00 Jason Kenney Band
3:00 Jessie Albright & Foster Blues
4:15 Virginia Dare Devils
5:30 Donna Hopkins Band
7:00 Lantern Parade – Leftovers – Adelgid Burning
7:30 Natti Love Joys
8:30 Ralph Roddenbery & the Besides
10:15 Dead Affect

Lake Merlin provides hours of fun at HemlockFest.

10:00 Rhonda Kay
11:00 Threadbare Skivvies
12:00 Curtis Jones Jazz band
1:15 The Squirrelheads
2:30 Music/ fest over

Eastern Hemlock Tree (Photo by April Sorrow/UGA)

Lumpkin Coalition, a volunteer non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization, has been focused on the plight of the Eastern hemlock tree since 2005. It is dedicated to preserving quality of life for all those who share it. To this end, it supports the preservation of a clean and healthy environment, responsible living, and responsible growth. Lumpkin Coalition is based in Lumpkin County, Georgia, with membership throughout the Southeast. All proceeds from HemlockFest are applied to the cause of saving the hemlocks and preserving the integrity of the Southern Appalachian ecosystem.

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