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Far Out Family


I’ve been a proponent of fusing disparate musical genres since I started my first band in the late ‘80s. But Far Out Family’s frappé of Lyricist Lounge loquaciousness, Trap music, Punk rock and Electro is a new one, even for me.

Comprised of MC/producer Glenn Saddler, MC Bias the Black and guitarist The Living, the arty trio won indieATL’s 2012 Audience Pick contest, and went on to play South By Southwest and New York’s Afropunk Festival.

Their sophomore LP opens with “Old Friends,” which builds from a simple piano and tom-tom groove into a rollicking statement of unified purpose that flips the script on FUN’s “We Are Young.” On “Springbreak in the Wintertime,” a more traditional hip-hop beat provides background for rapid-fire lyrical dexterity that recalls Outkast while name-dropping Cee-Lo.

Overall, the album is a decidedly trippy affair, with heavily effected vocals, syrup-swizzled soundscapes, psychedelic effects, and cultural references ranging from The Simpsons and Pinnochio to The Big Lebowski and Nietchze. It’s not exactly mainstream hip-hop fare, but it is hella cool and creative, and deserving of an audience far outside the boundaries of their home state.

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