Darryl Rhoades Returns with New Album, The Last Goodbye

Darryl Rhoades Returns with New Album, The Last Goodbye

Atlanta songwriter, musician, showman and comedian Darryl Rhoades first came to notoriety in the 1970s with the Hahavishnu Orchestra, and later in the 1980s with the Mighty Mighty Men from Glad. Rhoades’ songs were silly, satirical and wide-ranging in style, always performed with top-notch musicianship.

By the ‘90s, Rhoades was focusing more on stand-up comedy. Although he performed music less and less, he continued to regularly record and release CDs packed with topical humorous songs and skits. And with 2003’s The Shadow You Cast (Depends on Where You Stand), Rhoades showcased a side he’d rarely revealed in the past: straightforward songwriting.

Aside from a couple of amusing detours, Rhoades’ latest CD The Last Goodbye is also a straight-ahead, if musically varied, collection of songs. The musicianship, as usual, is stellar, with Atlanta veterans Tommy Strain (guitar), Tommy Vickery (bass), Bob Glick (bass), Jeff Mosier (banjo) and Marty Kearns (keyboards) among his backing ensemble. Rhoades beats the drums and sings most of the leads, although he hands the mic to guest vocalists Martina Albano and Steve Barker for four songs.

Rhoades, who’s hung up his stand-up comic hat for the time being, has indicated that he’s planning some full band shows in the near future to showcase this new material as well as favorites from his long history.

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