Dark and Grungy, ‘Strange Hellos’ Sets Stage for TORRES’ Blistering New Album

'Sprinter' is the sophomore effort by Brooklyn-based Macon native Mackenzie Scott.

Of the video for “Strange Hellos,” the first single off Sprinter, the sophomore album by Brooklyn-based, Macon-raised singer/songwriter TORRES, director Casey Pierce says, “The video is a curse, in a manner of speaking, painted in broad strokes of fear, desire, and rage. Within it there are nods to Stanley Kubrick and 90’s grunge. The projections are clips from ‘Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite,’ the final chapter in 2001: A Space Odyssey.”

In a review of Sprinter, NPR music writer Ann Powers says the 24-year-old (whose given name is Mackenzie Scott), “…creates as space that turns songwriterly confession sacramental. The drama of the Baptist public testimony mingles with the dark privacy of the Catholic shriving pew in music that dares to take on those riskiest attributes, seriousness and mystery.”

Read Glen Savardy’s Georgia Music profile of TORRES and catch her live in Atlanta, Ga. on July 1, 2015 at The Earl.

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